Selected Publications

Requiem for a Childhood Home and The Shape of Fear, Déraciné, August 2021

Ghostweaving, Black Poppy Review, May 2021

Prayer Underneath an Elm Tree in Late Afternoon, Amethyst Review, December 2020

Moon House, Black Poppy Review, October 2020

Vestiges, Ephemeral Elegies, October 2020

The Meaning of Rain, FERAL: A Journal of Poetry and Art, October 2020

Distance, Short Story Avenue, September 2020

Novus Dies, Artistic Differences Project, July 2020

A Language of Sorrow, Ephemeral Elegies, May 2020

Unclasp and Letter, The Lake, February 2020

Ars Poetica, Coffin Bell: a journal of dark literature, January 2020

Twenty-Five Small Ways to Die, Coffin Bell: a journal of dark literature, January 2020

Black Venus, Coffin Bell: a journal of dark literature, January 2020

Adumbratio and The Hero Returns From Somewhere Under the Sun, Muddy River Poetry Review, May 2019

Lilith Despairing, Seraphim, A Modern Psyche in the Shades, Déraciné, Summer 2019

The Boy Who Dreamed of Many Birds, Right Hand Pointing Issue 132, May 2019

The Boy Who Wanted the Moon, Three Drops from a Cauldron, November 2019

Before the Provinces of Sleep, Poppy Road Review, March 2019

Full Moon, St. Augustine, Clementine Unbound, July 2019

Mural and Alatus, Nine Muses Poetry, June 2019

Sanctum, Neologism Poetry Journal, May 2019

Mirage, Black Poppy Review, May 2019

Opening, Halfway Down the Stairs, June 2019

Passage, Amethyst Review, April 2019

A Failed Attempt at Dream Interpretation, Eunoia Review, April 2019

On Conasauga Mountain, Young Ravens Literary Journal, Summer 2019 (Note: The poem should be aligned left, rather than centered.)

New Orleans Cemetery, Ghostborn, Nightdream, 13 Myna Birds, April 2019